April 4 Tuesday

Outside the Box Music Festival                                                                                    10:00 AM, Old Baptist Foundation Recital Hall

Convocation – SIUC School of Music Students perform a program of new music!

Now in its eleventh year, Outside the Box builds on its legacy as an exceptional annual new music festival and concert series. Guest composers and performers join with Southern Illinois’ finest musicians and composers to create a weeklong atmosphere of exciting, engaging, contemporary concert music. All events are free and open to the public.

NOON Concert by School of Music’s Concert Choir                                             directed by Dr. Susan Davenport                                                                                 12PM Guyon Auditorium Rotunda, Morris Library

The choir will serenade you, so bring your lunch, grab a coffee at Delyte’s Coffee Bar, or just chill in an oversized chair.  Then, stay for . . .

Edible Book Festival!                                                                                                12PM to 1PM in the Guyon Auditorium Rotunda, Morris Library

A new SIU tradition where punny book titles and tasty cakes come together for a fun exhibition of culinary talent.  Produced by Fine Arts Librarian Sarah Prindle in the Morris Library 1st floor Rotunda. More information here:  Edible Books!



SUPER SALUKI EVENT of the DAY!                                                                                                “A Bard and Some Beer!”   A poetry reading and beer tasting–in one event!    430-6 PM, Guyon Auditorium Rotunda

While tasting some beer specially-brewed beer*, Dr. Matt McCarroll discusses the social and cultural history of beer, pausing to sip the beer and to listen to Dr. Ryan Netzley as he presents “1648: Poetry, Beer, and the Creation of the Local.”  The poet is Robert Herrick who, among other things, praises beer as an inducement of creativity.

*The beer is a modern representation of a common style of beer in 17th and 18th century London, which is essentially a beer brewed with brown malt.  This is a precursor to the style known as porter, which was brewed with a small amount of black roasted malt following the invention and patenting of a roasting drum by Wheeler in 1819.  SIU Alum James McCoy, the head brewer of St. Nicholas Brewing Company in Du Quoin, collaborated with Dr. McCarroll on the beer, made expressly for this event!

 Matt McCarroll is a professor of chemistry and biochemistry and director of the Fermentation Science Institute at Southern Illinois University.  He received degrees in chemistry and interdisciplinary studies from Appalachian State University in 1994 and his PhD in chemistry at the University of Idaho in 1998.  Following a postdoctoral stint at Louisiana State University he joined SIU as an assistant professor in 2000 and advanced through the academic ranks to full professor in 2014.  He led the effort to establish the Fermentation Science Institute and the B.S. degree in fermentation science that was formally approved by the IBHE in the spring of 2016.

Ryan Netzley works on how Renaissance poetry shapes broader cultural phenomena: religious devotion, apocalyptic expectation, and debt and market exchanges. In particular, he’s interested in the ways in which modern cultural practices, even the most purportedly unaesthetic, like financial speculation, derive from poetic devices. He’s currently writing a book on the concepts of debt and markets in seventeenth-century lyric verse. His presentation on Herrick (especially “To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time,” “The Hock-Cart,” “The Welcome to Sack,” and “His Farewell to Sack”) focuses on the poet’s use of beer as a symbol for convivial and collective creativity, as opposed to wine’s more isolating inspirational qualities.


Outside the Box Music Festival                                                                                        7:30 PM, Shryock Auditorium

Opening Night! The SIUC School of Music Concert Choir, Wind Ensemble, and Percussion Ensemble combine forces, performing works by guest composers Paul Carey and Karl Blench, as well as the music of Arvo Pärt. Reception following.